01.2.01 photo credit Luis Ribeiro
01.2.02 photo credit Luis Ribeiro
01.2.03 photo credit Luis Ribeiro
01.2.04 photo credit Luis Ribeiro
01.2.05 photo credit Luis Ribeiro
01.2.06 photo credit Luis Ribeiro

Bar and Bridge Club
Sintra, Portugal

Two contrasting rooms; in the main room concealed lighting along the walls enhances the structure of the floating timber ceiling as the sweeping curve in vertical timber battens lines the wall and conceals an otherwise exposed access to the toilets – during the day, this room opens up to the verdant valleys of the UNESCO World Heritage landscape of Sintra. The small room has an inward character, where the three inverted pyramids point focal light to the geometric centre of the fixed tables, in contrast with diffused light at the upper edges of seemingly levitating volumes.
The joinery of ceilings and walls reconfigure the space and generate the Architecture.

Bruno Silvestre with David Barbosa

Photography by Luis Ribeiro